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Missouri Court Case Opinions Appellate and Supreme Court

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Attorney General Opinions are located here:

Missouri Constitution

Missouri Court Rules and Procedural Information

Instructions: The Supreme Court Rules and Supreme Court Operating Rules are categorized into sections. To view the list of rules available within a section, please click on a link in the left menu bar.

Representing Yourself in Missouri Courts Website

The State of Missouri has a section on their court website for "Representing Yourself" which is also known as "In Pro Per" and "Pro Se" which you can review here:

Additionally, Legal Services of Missouri has a complete website regarding self-representation in several common areas which can be found here:

Missouri Statutes, Child Protection, Divorce, Adoption/Foster Care, Child Support, and More

Missouri Statutes

You can search all sections of the current statutes using the MOGA website for Missouri, or you can also research pending bills for the Missouri legislature using this link:

Educational Resources Promoting the Courts in Public Schools

The Supreme Court of Missouri has produced two educational videos about the Missouri court system for use in classrooms throughout the state. The videos are available online courtesy of the Missouri Department of Elementary and Secondary Education.The first video, Know All About Missouri Courts, is targeted to elementary-age children. This four-minute video is narrated by the three daughters of Supreme Court Judge Laura Denvir Stith and discusses, in simple terms, how the state's court system works. The second video, Missouri Courts, is targeted to high-school students and adults. This 10-minute video features all seven judges of the Supreme Court of Missouri and Missouri's governor as they explain Missouri's court system and method of selecting judges. To aid teachers in using these educational videos and in leading classroom discussions about the Missouri Judiciary, the Supreme Court of Missouri also has developed lesson plans and student handouts. These are attached below.For use with the Know

All About the Courts elementary video:
Elementary Lesson Plan -- Know All About the Courts.pdf
Know All about Your Courts student handout.pdf

For use with the Missouri Courts high-school video:

High School Lesson Plan -- Missouri Courts.pdf
Missouri Courts student handout.pdf For comments or questions about these educational resources, or to request VHS or DVD copies of the videos, please contact Communications Counsel Beth Riggert at the Supreme Court of Missouri by e-mail at or by telephone at (573) 751-3676.In addition, The Missouri Bar (the organization of all lawyers licensed in the state) provides extensive support for classroom learning about the law, the legal system and the courts through its Web site for educators.